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Here at North East Roofing Contractors we believe that your roof says a lot about your house.

The visual impact of your roof can affect your overall aesthetic of your property which in turn reduces its value. This is where we can help, we have the ability to revamp the look and feel of your properties exterior all at an affordable price.

If a revamp is not necessary and only minor work is needed then we can cater for any roofing issue you may have. As well as providing advice and suggestions, we at NERC, are here to give you the best quality roofing solution in the North East.

What most property holder’s wish for is a roof that’s not too expensive, yet is of an extremely high quality. By choosing your roofs material carefully you can substantially reduce the cost of maintaining it. Here at North East Roofing Contractors we want you to be happy with your roof, after all it is the shelter for your home.

Whatever your roofing requirements North East Roofing Contractors offer a range of commercial and domestic roofing services across the North East from our Washington base. Our services include; slating tiling, flar roofing, lead work, facias and soffits.

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Slate is recognised as one of the finest building materials available. This material is able to withstand most of the harsh environments and weather conditions. Slate is a durable material with a unique beauty; this is why it is now so popular in roofing.


Roof tiles last a long time; in fact their lifespan is actually greater than that of the material on which the roofing is built on. Roof tiling comes in a variety of types, colours and styles, and they require low maintenance. 

Flat Roofing

The Firestone EPDM Roofing System is the perfect, durable solution for small residential flat roofs such as: extensions, verandas, dormers, balconies, gutters, trailers, porches, garages, carports, garden sheds.

Lead Work

Lead offers an attractive and stylish finish on roofing, with an exceptionally long lifespan. It has been proven that the lifespan of lead sheet is hundreds of years, providing permanent protection against the weather. 

Facias & Soffits

Fascias and soffits provide a long lasting maintenance free answer for roofline replacement. Here at North East Roofing Contractors we provide a wide range of styles and colours to choose from to best suit your house. 

Velux Windows

Here at NERC our Velux windows are available in a range of sizes and styles. As well as becoming a highly fashionable piece for a house, Velux windows are an ideal combination of gaining natural light as well as fresh air and providing a clear view from your room. 

Roof Repairs

Is your roof suffering from water ingress? Damp or mould issues from poorly maintained flashing? Cracked/ missing tiles or damaged roof vents?